Injection Moulding

Injection moulding is one of the most commonly-used moulding techniques for plastic parts. It is an impressive and creative process in which an injection moulding machine and injection mould transform thermoplastics into any desired shape. Injection moulding is often used to produce product components. These, along with all the other parts required, are then assembled to create a final product.

Injection moulding company Wicro Plastics

We, Wicro Plastics, are a renowned European injection moulding company. We serve our partners in the Netherlands and beyond from our base in Kessel, in Limburg. As an injection moulding company, we’re always actively involved in the creation of the final product, which means that we don’t limit ourselves to injection moulding. We develop the moulds, have our own assembly line, and take care of the distribution too. As a one-stop shop, we give advice on efficiency and how to save on costs.

With 41 fully automated injection moulding machines with a clamping force of 50 – 650 tonnes, a closed conveyor system and our own tool shop, we’re able to process (almost) all thermoplastics in our injection moulding plant. Technical semi-finished products with tight tolerances, complex design and good dimensional stability, and also visually appealing products requiring high standards in terms of colour, gloss and surface texture. Injection mould and tool repairs and maintenance? We carry them out ourselves, which makes us just that little bit faster. We’re much more than just an injection moulding company.

Injection moulding: the solution for your product or component?

Injection moulding is a well-known and well-developed method of casting plastics to achieve the desired result. Sustainability and innovation are important themes in the industry. With many different types of plastic, each with its own characteristics, there’s always a solution for your product. Incredible shapes can be created, and strong raw materials ensure that safety requirements are met.

Injection moulding has a lot of other advantages too:

  • From complex to simple: With an injection moulding machine, complex product designs can be produced easily and on a large scale.
  • Large volumes in a short period of time: Products and/or product components can be produced quickly and efficiently in a very short period of time.
  • Maximum precision and virtually no post-processing: Injection moulding is known for its extremely precise results despite mass production.
  • Light, strong and sustainable: A good combination of three elements that are important in a (final) product. In addition, plastic is easy to clean and doesn’t rust or rot.

Have we convinced you? At Wicro Plastics we’re keen to work with you to examine the possibilities for your product. We’ll get you inspired with our references and give you a tour of our injection moulding plant in Kessel. See you soon!


Did you knew?

Wicro Plastics al sinds 1951 actief is met spuitgieten van hoogwaardige kunststof producten.

We zowel spuitgiet- en assemblageactiviteiten in huis hebben.

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