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We do development, injection moulding, assembly, mould-building and coating... but we go further than that. We don't just create parts; we feel that we’re a part. A part of your process, your success, and your future.

That’s why our team give you, our customer, that little extra push to make things even better. Committed staff who are given full encouragement to draw on all their skills and abilities. They work with you to get the very best from people and technology.

The result? High-quality plastic parts that come from lasting relationships with customers and staff.

Injection moulding

Injection moulding is our main service, the one that everything revolves around. With 40 fully automated injection moulding machines, with a clamping force of 50 – 650 tonnes, a closed transport system and our own tool shop, we’re able to process all thermoplastics. We serve our partners in the Netherlands and beyond from our base in Kessel, in Limburg. As an injection moulding company, we are always actively involved in the creation of the final product.

Product development

With our experts and the sophisticated injection moulding machines, we’re able to make something from nothing. Through an innovative process we create a sustainable product or product part that we can all be proud of. Our experienced engineers design hundreds of products each year; it’s a fun and enjoyable challenge each and every time. We develop the moulds, have our own assembly line, and take care of the distribution too. As a one-stop shop, we give advice about efficiency and saving on costs.


Half a job? That’s not how we work at Wicro Plastics. We work to come up with a total solution, one with as few intermediaries as possible. From plastic pellets to finished product in consumer packaging. Assembly is an important part of the process. Thanks to our assemblers and our highly-developed assembly lines, we are able to prepare large numbers of products for sale at a rapid pace. All product components are collected (from other manufacturers where necessary) and fully assembled at a central location.


Do you need to have an injection mould made? You’ve come to the right place at Wicro Plastics! We have more than 70 years of experience in mould designing. Every year our engineers design at least 100 moulds to our customers’ specifications. We conduct a constructive assessment of the product design in terms of manufacturability, quality and efficiency. Moulds are always made of Western European steel and according to accurate project planning, because continuity is paramount.

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Did you knew?

Wicro Plastics al sinds 1951 actief is met spuitgieten van hoogwaardige kunststof producten.

We zowel spuitgiet- en assemblageactiviteiten in huis hebben.

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