Product engineering

Product engineering is a vital aspect of product development at Wicro. Our committed engineers examine your product design extremely closely, as we work with you to achieve the perfect balance of functionality, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. Using CAD software and simulation tools (such as mould flow analysis), we bring ideas to life and come up with innovative solutions for your product. Product price and quality is determined on the drawing board. Our engineers guide and support you throughout the process.

From product design to manufacturability

The transition from product design to manufacturability is a crucial step in product engineering. Together we arrive at a detailed design, and our engineers perform a manufacturability analysis. We take a critical look at various factors including the desired material, wall thickness, mould options, production techniques, and potential automation. Because we have in-house engineers at Wicro and work closely with mould-makers in China, Portugal and the Netherlands, the lines of communication are short. This enables us to make the right choices efficiently and with all knowledge already in-house.

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Engineering to achieve a reproducible product

Even while the product design is moving towards manufacturability, our engineers are already working with you on reproducibility. This is also known as ‘Design for Manufacturing’ (DFM). Constantly keeping this factor in mind means that product and mould costs can be reduced, production speed can be increased, and the overall product quality improved as well. This saves on costs, avoids delays, and results in a better, more stable and more efficient production process. We use trusted technologies and tools during this phase, in addition to our engineers’ experience and knowledge.

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‘Design for Assembly’ and ‘Design for Disassembly’

Are we supplying more than just the injection-moulded product? If so, we also consider the areas of ‘Design for Assembly’ (DFA) and ‘Design for Disassembly’ (DFD). DFA takes the requirements and constraints of the assembly process into account right from the earliest stage of design. This maximises assembly efficiency, shortens assembly times, and reduces the chance of encountering difficulties in assembly. It also keeps the chance of mistakes to an absolute minimum. By keeping DFD in mind during the design process, we contribute to a circular economy. We ensure that products can be dismantled efficiently when they reach the end of their useful life, allowing for easy repair or recycling.

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Advantages product engineering

We’re constantly innovating and integrating new technologies to optimise our engineering even further. We work with you to create the best possible product, one that functions well in the long term and meets the requirements of your end user. The benefits you enjoy with Wicro:
In-house product engineers
Direct support under one roof
A completely reproducible product
Accurately identical products
Stable production processes
Small margin of error and never run out of stock
High quality
Perfection down to the smallest details

Looking for a product engineer?

Then Wicro Plastics is the place to be. In addition to injection molding, we not only provide assembly, but are involved throughout product development. Let’s get acquainted!
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Marcel van Spijk

Project Manager
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