From automated insert placement and automated packaging to machine printing and In Mould Labelling: efficiency in production, assembly, logistics and project management is one of Wicro’s highest priorities. We use advanced technologies to optimise our injection moulding processes and take automation to the next level. It means that we can operate 24  hours a day with extreme precision and a high level of quality.

Process automation as the key to success

In the quest for improved efficiency, we’ve invested in process automation at Wicro. In recent years we have integrated generic and product-specific automations and robots into our injection moulding and assembly lines, ensuring fast, streamlined and accurate production for a wide range of products. Thanks to the latest technologies and careful programming, we have precise control over every step of the process. Despite the wide range of products and customers, we’re able to find a suitable solution for every customer.

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Automating injection moulding

It’s not just our processes we’ve automated, but also the injection moulding itself. For example, we have advanced robots that are responsible for handling raw materials, filling the moulds, and removing the finished products. The robots place the inserts and/or labels, and remove the finished product from the injection moulding machine before placing it on the belt. Our injection moulding machines deliver a product or component with impressive speed and precision. The result? Consistency, a high level of quality and a stable price.

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Advantages of automation at Wicro Plastics

For Wicro Plastics, industrial automation is the way forward. We’re constantly innovating and integrating new technologies to optimise our processes even further. This gives us the edge over other injection moulders. The benefits for you:
A high level of quality
Perfection down to the smallest details
A competitive and stable price
Higher margins and more profits
Continuity and assured deliveries
Never run out of stock again
High – and above all stable – production capacity
Produce more and scale up quickly

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