Wicro makes an impact with CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): everybody’s talking about it these days. While it’s commonly discussed, it doesn’t receive anywhere near the attention it should. After all, nothing’s more important than our future generations. At Wicro that’s our firm belief. And that’s why we truly believe in a better world and we take responsibility for making an impact with CSR. We do it in our day-to-day operations, with mutual motivation, and in collaboration with our customers and partners. From social engagement and working conditions through to vitality and sustainability.

Room for special talents

30% of our colleagues have a disadvantage on the labour market. We call them ‘Wicronesians with special talents’. The diversity of our staff and blend of special talents makes Wicro stronger as a whole. We make the most of everyone’s abilities and qualities. We assess and adapt assembly work to our employees’ capabilities. For example, we check the design against ‘Design for Assembly’ (DFA) principles and provide support with integration if needed. After that we break up the assembly processes and develop tooling with sensors and vision systems to guarantee quality. This means that colleagues with disabilities are able to work error-free. This tooling is called Poka Yoke.

Corporate Social Responsibility is in our DNA. Everyone feels involved and knows that they really are part of our family.

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Wicro makes time for vitality

In 2021 we launched a vitality programme for all our Wicronesians. We worked with Buiten Zinnen to develop a programme consisting of workshops (on topics such as nutrition, sleep and stress) and outdoor training sessions. Our primary goal is to raise awareness and offer staff a helping hand to develop a healthier lifestyle. The programme’s accessibility makes it easy for employees from all departments to take part, meaning not only healthy and energetic Wicronesians, but also team-building and bonding across all levels of the organisation. A win-win-win situation!

In addition to the vitality programme there’s weekly fruit, language courses on-site, and adapted working hours for people such as parents and students. Wicronesians are given the space for personal development with courses or programmes at every level.

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Tackling sustainability at the source

Sustainability is the most-discussed topic in CSR, especially amongst plastic manufacturers and processors. It might even be the topic that presents the biggest and most significant challenges. We at Wicro understand this better than anyone, which is why protecting the environment takes top priority in our business operations. We use a targeted approach, but more than anything our mutual motivation, to create impact and tackle sustainability at the source. We do this via four main goals:

  1. Making energy sources more sustainable
  2. Reducing energy consumption
  3. Reusing our own waste
  4. Increasing the proportion of recycled and/or organic raw materials

Do you also want to make an impact in CSR?

Working for more impact in CSR is not something we do alone; we do it together. Only when we put our shoulders to the wheel together can we really make a difference. Are you the customer, supplier or partner who also sees CSR as a top priority and feels the same motivation for this?
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