After the injection moulding process, assembly is an important part of creating a product. At Wicro Plastics, we understand that. During the assembly process all the components come together, the process takes on a completely different dynamic, and the product finally comes to life. Different products made from different materials need to fit together seamlessly. This is a complex part of product development, one that requires careful consideration of both individual and also mutual tolerances and fit. For us assembly is one of the most enjoyable parts of product development.

Assembly and procurement

Do you have a product that you want Wicro to assemble? We’ll create a product-specific assembly line for it. Automation may be used, depending on the annual volume, the complexity, and the checks required. In some cases assembly requires a great deal of manual work.

Wicro Plastics will produce the plastic components of your end product using injection moulding. Wicro is also able to source (and ultimately procure) all other components, made of materials other than plastic and produced by other manufacturers. We take care of the entire selection and audit process. Wicro then ensures that all the components required for your end product are in stock, so we can assemble your order right away and guarantee fast delivery.

Assembly at Wicro Plastics

At Wicro Plastics, we don't just enjoy assembly – we’re really good at it too. We look at the total product as well as the injection moulded components. How can we put the product together as efficiently as possible? And what assembly tooling will we need? We look out for potential critical or sensitive points in a product. Can they be avoided, or are they essential, and need to be monitored with cameras and sensors? We’ve been offering assembly as a service for decades, so we know exactly what to look out for during the process.

Developing a product at Wicro Plastics is all done under one roof: we manufacture plastic parts ourselves, procure other components, assemble the product and distribute it from our factory in Kessel. So as a one-stop shop, we’re much more than just an injection moulding or assembly company.

Did you knew?

Wicro Plastics al sinds 1951 actief is met spuitgieten van hoogwaardige kunststof producten.

We zowel spuitgiet- en assemblageactiviteiten in huis hebben.

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