Sustainability is the most-discussed topic in CSR, particularly for companies that work with plastics. And understandably so, as the use of fossil resources is still relatively common in this industry. This impacts the environment and our future generations. For this reason, sustainability and environmental protection take top priority in our operations. With a targeted approach, but above all our mutual motivation, we create impact and tackle sustainability at the source. We do this via four main goals:

1. Making energy sources more sustainable

Using renewable energy plays an important part in making Wicro more sustainable. We are constantly investing in energy-saving measures to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. For example our roofs are full of solar panels, and we work with energy suppliers to make optimum use of green energy options.

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2. Reducing energy consumption

One of our main objectives is to reduce energy consumption by at least 10% within five years. We conduct structural energy audits in order to gain insight into energy consumption and enable a targeted approach. We replace old machines and equipment with new and more energy-efficient options. We optimise processes to reduce production hours, and use LED lighting with motion sensors. We also raise colleagues’ awareness and encourage people to put forward ideas for saving and generating energy.

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3. Reusing our own waste (zero waste)

Plastic waste

We sort our own plastic startup and manufacturing waste so it can be ground up and reused in our own manufacturing. The remaining rejected products, which cannot be reused, are processed by partners. For example, De Paauw Sustainable Resources makes new raw materials from our rejected products.

Other waste

By separating all other waste carefully, we differentiate between what we can and cannot reuse. For example, we collect all cardboard in a special compactor. It is then collected by Peeters Recycling and processed into raw material for making new cardboard. By doing so we complete the circle and – in conjunction with our partners – ensure that used materials are given a new use.

4. Increasing the proportion of recycled and/or organic raw materials

At Wicro, increasing the proportion of recycled and/or organic raw materials is an important step towards reducing dependence on non-renewable resources. We assess raw materials carefully and encourage customers to choose recycled and/or organic raw materials. In addition, we’re always looking for national and international suppliers who can provide us with these raw materials. Our goal for the next five years: to increase the share of recycled and/or organic raw materials by at least 25%.

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Together toward a better world?

Working for a better world is not something we do alone; we do it together. Only when we put our shoulders to the wheel together can we create impact. Are you the customer, supplier or partner who also sees sustainability as a top priority and feels the same motivation for this?
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Marcel van Spijk

Project Manager