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There must be a better way to do it? Faster? More cheaply or sustainably? More attuned to your logistical process? We’re naturally inquisitive, and constantly working to together get the best from both people and technology. Our 100 skilled professionals develop, injection mould, coat and assemble more than 2,000 different plastic parts for customers in eleven different countries. High-quality parts for items such as cars, prams and pushchairs, 3D printers, beds, buffing and cleaning machines, machine feeders and construction applications. From grain to finished product in consumer packaging.


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Evelien Fassotte
Evert van Damme
Manager Sales & Projects
Marcel Kessels
Operations Manager
Koen Maessen
Bo Verhaegh
Project Manager
Marcel van Spijk
Project Manager
Paul Peeters
Senior Buyer
Jorrit Theelen
Production Manager
Noud Wassenberg
Logistics Assistant
Harry Martens
Logistics Assistant
Peter Nieuwenhoven
Machine Specialist
Yvonne Jansen-Bongers

Product development with Wicro Plastics

Surely there must be a better day to do things? Faster? Cheaper or more sustainably? Insatiably curious, we’re always working to get the best out of people and technology.

70 Jaar ervaring

Daily developments in innovation and automation. The world never stops turning, and our customers are a constant source of inspiration to us. We’ve been meeting these challenges for over 70 years.

Smooth project

A smooth and successful project runs from product development and engineering through to injection moulding and assembly. With our structured approach we work with you to ensure that the process is efficient and the partnership is enjoyable for all involved.

From A to Z

Sustainability, efficiency and profitability are important themes in the product development phase .We know this, and we bring your business goals within reach by taking care of your requirements from A to Z. All under one roof.