Injection molding costs

Injection moulding is the solution for the development of a wide range of products. Do you have an idea for a new product or component, or do you want to further the development of an existing product? Then naturally you’ll want to determine the cost of injection moulding in advance. However, a concrete answer can’t be calculated immediately. Injection moulding costs vary considerably from product to product and are dependent on a range of factors. The injection mould, the desired material (raw material), and the staffing and machine costs are the main cost items.

Injection mould costs

Injection moulding cannot be performed without a mould, so the cost of an injection mould is the first cost that needs to be taken into account. An injection mould is an investment that will pay for itself in the long run.

Injection moulding costs are determined by the complexity of the product or component, the simplicity of the mould, and the material used to create the injection mould. The mould itself can be made of hardened steel or aluminium, with aluminium being the cheaper option. The multiplicity of the mould refers to the number of products or components in one mould. Several shapes can be incorporated into a single injection mould; this determines the cost of both the mould and the component.

Costs begin at €3,000 for a simple injection mould. Very complex moulds made of the best materials can cost up to €150,000. This is a significant difference, but with a good plan the expense can be recouped rapidly.

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Cost of raw materials

Many different types of plastic can be used for injection moulding. The costs of the different raw materials can vary greatly. The thermoplastics that we work with the most at Wicro Plastics range from €1.50 to €4 per kilo. Depending on the raw material, production costs can be cheaper (<€1.00) or more expensive, up to €50/kilo. Because so many different raw materials are available, the material required is a major factor in determining the final cost of injection moulding.

The materials chosen will depend on the requirements for the product or component. Does the product need to be extremely strong, flexible or, for example, food safe? These are just a few examples of things that are important when deciding on a raw material.

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Staffing and machinery costs

Your injection mould has been developed and the desired raw materials selected? It’s time for production to start. Here, too, costs can vary greatly and are dependent on a range of factors. The product’s weight and size will determine which injection moulding machine needs to be used (and for how long). The wall thickness of the product or component is an important factor here too. The thicker the wall, the longer the cooling time required and thus the longer the cycle time for each product. Moulds that have a higher multiplicity (number of products in a single mould) are able to produce more in a shorter period of time.

In addition to the machine work, staff labour costs are often required. Although injection moulds are extremely precise, post-processing is required in some cases. There is also the option of having the components fully assembled and packaged into a final product.

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Injection molding roadmap


Tijdens deze eerste stap hebben we nauw contact. Een goede inventarisatie is belangrijk om vast te stellen welke productonderdelen er nodig zijn. We bekijken de gewenste kunststoffen en selecteren de leveranciers voor overige onderdelen.




Offerte akkoord en naar tevredenheid? Dan ontvangt onze projectmanager de opdracht en zetten we iedereen op scherp om jouw project vorm te gaan geven. Benodigde samples worden al besteld en we maken samen een actielijst.




Op basis van de actielijst maken we een planning. Deze planning is een gedetailleerd projectplan dat onze projectmanager gestructureerd doorloopt. In deze fase worden alle elementen en aspecten samengebracht tot een vloeiend geheel.




Nu wordt het pas echt leuk, want in de prototype fase gaan we ontwikkelen. Alle onderdelen, waar in vorige fases samen intensief mee bezig zijn geweest, komen samen. Van matrijs tot aan masterbatches en overige inkoopdelen.




Daar gaan we dan, het product krijgt letterlijk en figuurlijk vorm in de pilotfase. Testen, optimaliseren en verfijnen… Alles komt samen en wordt geassembleerd tot een volwaardig product. Dit zijn de geluksmomentjes!




Helemaal of zelfs meer dan tevreden? Dan drukken we op de grote groene knop en gaan we samen het product lanceren. De massaproductie kan worden gestart en jouw product is klaar om de markt op te gaan. Gefeliciteerd!


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Wicro Plastics injection moulding costs

Hopefully this has given you a better idea of the costs that need to be considered with injection moulding. At Wicro Plastics we enjoy working with you to look at your specific situation and ideas. Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities.
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