The main tool used in injection moulding is the injection mould itself. The mould is used to cast the product or component, and must be made so that particular shapes can be created. Mould-making is essential before actually getting to work with the injection moulding machines. Creating and optimising a mould design is exacting work. Our engineers advise the designer on issues involving manufacturability and mass production.

Mould-making can be a time-consuming process and relatively expensive, but it delivers an essential tool for producing the relevant product over the long term. Not only the design is determined on the drawing board, but the costs as well. In the product development process, completing the mould is always an important milestone on the road to the finished product.

Injection mould

Injection moulding can’t be done without an injection mould. A mould has a cavity that is the reverse, the negative, of the final product. In order to create a plastic product, an individual injection mould is required for each product or component. Different types of plastic can be injected into a mould at high temperature by an injection moulding machine. This plastic then cools off in the cold injection mould, becoming a dimensionally stable product. The mould ensures that a product takes on a characteristic shape or that a product part fits seamlessly in the assembly stage.

The product is ejected from the machine within 15 to 60 seconds, depending on the wall thickness, and cools down further. Each injection is referred to as one injection cycle. An injection mould can be single or multiple; the decision is mainly dependent on the annual volume and the investment in the mould. A single mould has just one mould, while a multiple mould has several moulds in one injection mould. The number of cavities (voids) in one injection mould is known as the mould’s multiplicity.

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Having a mould made

We’ve said it before: completing an injection mould is an important milestone in the injection moulding process. The mould is relatively expensive (depending on the product and the mould’s multiplicity) and it takes time to design and produce it. After all, creating and optimising a mould design is exacting work. It is the ideal role for engineers with experience in injection moulding. Engineers work in close consultation with the supplier to create a 3D design. All of the dimensions and shapes are examined carefully.

Injection moulding simply can’t be performed without a mould. The costs of having an injection mould made depend on the product’s complexity, the type of plastic, and the mould’s multiplicity. The mould can also be made of either hardened steel or aluminium, with aluminium being the cheaper option. Costs begin at €3,000 for a simple injection mould. Very complex moulds made of the best materials can cost up to €150,000. This is a significant difference, but with a good plan the expense can be recouped rapidly.

Have a mould made by Wicro Plastics

Do you want to have a mould made? You’ve come to the right place at Wicro Plastics! We have more than 70 years of experience in mould designing. Every year our engineers design at least 100 moulds to our customers’ specifications. We conduct a constructive assessment of the product design in terms of manufacturability, quality and efficiency.

Once we are all confident of achieving the best end result, our engineers will supervise the production of the moulds in Asia from their base in the Netherlands. The actual mould-making is done in Southern Europe or Asia. Once the product has been checked and cleared, the moulds are shipped to the Netherlands. We use quality Western European steel as standard, and work according to accurate project planning, because continuity is paramount. That is what enables us to provide our 98% delivery reliability, facilitate fireproof mould storage, and do all maintenance ourselves.

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Have your mold made at Wicro Plastics? Great idea!

Do you want to have a mold made? Then you’ve come to the right place at Wicro Plastics. We have over 70 years of experience in mold design.
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