At Wicro Plastics, we understand the importance of efficient logistics for your business. That’s why we offer comprehensive tailor-made logistics solutions, always supported by sufficient human and machine capacity that enables us to meet your company’s demand on an ongoing basis.

Flexible planning and stock management

By working with orders and forecasts, and managing stocks of raw materials and other semi-finished products, we’re never caught unawares. We manufacture to order, but we’re also happy to build up stocks to make delivery times even shorter. Our cutting-edge ERP system is at the heart of this process. Production planning and procurement are guided by both internal and external orders, forecasts, and established levels of safety stocks. We know exactly when a need will arise, so production can continue on smoothly and efficiently.

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A range of transport options

At Wicro Plastics, we believe that anything is possible. Whether you want us to organise transport or prefer to manage your logistics yourself, we’re here to help. We have various logistics partners who support us in the transport of large and small products. After assembly, you can choose delivery to order or directly from stock. We also offer you the option of leaving your stock management to us, either at Wicro’s warehouse or at any other location you choose. This makes us extremely flexible and enables us to take care of everything you need, all the way through to delivery to your end customer’s production line.

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Reliability and automation

We work hard to ensure maximum reliability. Our automated processes provide certainty in the logistics process, enabling us to work efficiently and offer the necessary quality and consistency in all our deliveries. From the moment of ordering through to final delivery, every step is carefully managed and monitored. This automation also makes our stock management and procurement extremely efficient. Our staff are well-trained in the use of our automated systems and are exceptionally detail-oriented.

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The advantages of local manufacturing

Customers are increasingly opting for local or Euregional production in order to reduce the risks of transport from the Far East. We at Wicro Plastics are mindful of this and are able to support any business to realise the advantages of local manufacturing. We have a thorough knowledge of the challenges that go hand in hand with global logistics, but are happy to help you move production closer to home.

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