Stokke x Wicro Plastics

Complete, high-quality refined products from our factory in Kessel

In a world in which partnership is the key to progress and success, we collaborate closely with Stokke. Stokke is a well-known Scandinavian brand with products including premium prams, high chairs and accessories. It is best known for the Tripp Trapp® chair. Our partnership with Stokke began in 2007 and has developed into an enduring relationship with a lot of highlights and much common ground.

High-quality and refined injection-moulded components

Our injection moulding expertise enables us to produce high-quality components that fit seamlessly into Stokke’s innovative and visionary designs. Together we strive for nothing less than perfection during the product development phase. We push the boundaries of possibility in the world of engineering and automation for prams and high chairs.

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Stokke's flagship products

Stokke’s flagship products, such as the Xplory pram, Clikk high chair and Steps high chair, are manufactured by Wicro. They are the result of a shared passion for innovation, development, and perfection in every last fibre. The Xplory pram is unique not only for its sophisticated injection moulding, but also for the overmoulding of inserts and gas injection moulding. The Clikk high chair and Steps high chair feature inline pad printing and laser welding to join products together. Overmoulding of the inserts is also an essential form of injection moulding in the Steps high chair.

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Fully assembled into the final product

The Xplory pram, Clikk high chair and Steps high chair each form a complete end product with all sorts of components. They are not made of plastic alone. For example, the Xplory pram also features fabric and iron components, while the Clikk high chair and Steps high chair also feature wood. We have all components brought to Wicro in Kessel, where we assemble them into the finished product. As a one-stop shop, we are efficient and sustainable and are able to provide the ultimate convenience to Stokke.

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Do you want this sort of close partnership?

We can understand that! This project is under the experienced leadership of our project managers Bo Verhaegh and Marcel van Spijk. As part of our efficient and engaged project management process, we work together to examine the needs of your brand, company or organisation. We’d love to see whether we could challenge each other. Don't wait – let this be the start of a wonderful partnership!
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Bo Verhaegh

Project Manager