Auping x Wicro Plastics

Sustainability, stock management and a long-term partnership

Our partnership with Auping goes back more than 50 years, and is based on trust and shared goals. We work closely together, and we still have a lot we want to achieve. For example, in recent years our focus has been on sustainability, recycling, and efficient stock management.

Increasing sustainability by recycling materials

At a time when sustainability is more and more important, in our work with Auping our focus has been on reducing environmental impact. For example, we use recycled materials for the legs and mattress snaps. This reduces waste and our dependence on new raw materials. This move towards circular materials makes a contribution to achieving a more sustainable future, as well as to the business objectives of both Auping and Wicro.

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Efficient on-site stock management

Efficient on-site stock management is an important aspect of our partnership with Auping. Wicro tracks stock levels and ensures that Auping always has sufficient stocks of legs and mattress snaps available. Using a strategic approach minimises lead time and enables Auping to continue to serve its customers without unnecessary stress. The processes run flawlessly, with little or no human intervention required.

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Partners for more than 50 years

The partnership between Wicro and Auping is a good example of a long-term business relationship that has endured for more than 50 years. It stands testament to our mutual trust, and the reliability and quality that both partners provide. Our longstanding collaboration is the basis of our success and a source of inspiration for potential future business relationships.

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Do you want this sort of close partnership?

We can understand that! This project is under the experienced leadership of our Sales Coordinator Ellis Tobben. We’d love to see whether we could challenge each other. Don't wait – let this be the start of a wonderful partnership!
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Ellis Tobben

Sales Coordinator