Maxado x Wicro Plastics

Personalised injection moulding in no time with In Mould Labelling

In November 2022, Maxado’s owner Marloes Walters got in touch with us. This soon turned out to be a good move. Within a short time we’d launched our partnership and we took over Maxado’s complete product development process. We seized the project with both hands and just four weeks later the first personalised suitcases were rolling off our production line. It was quite a challenge…

Lightning-fast onboarding and project management

Maxado’s onboarding is the perfect example of efficient project management. We went from quote to production within four weeks. This was quite a challenge, involving hundreds of different steps. We went through these one by one with the Stage-Gate Model and we even installed an 1150-tonne injection moulding machine in a short period of time. Nothing escapes our attention and we don’t miss a single detail. Thanks to our close collaboration and a dedicated project manager, Maxado didn’t lose any valuable time.

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Tight deadlines and 'right the first time'

Time is valuable, especially when you receive large orders on a daily basis and your deadlines are tight. So when you make the switch to another manufacturer, you want to continue to provide your end customers with the best possible service. There’s little room for error and the product has to be ‘right the first time’. At Wicro we understand that better than anyone. With our committed in-house engineers, we’re able to produce Maxado suitcases in high quality and with the utmost precision. This saves on costs, avoids delays, and results in a better, more stable and more efficient production process.

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Personalisation with In Mould Labelling

And if the lightning-fast onboarding and tight deadlines aren’t enough of a challenge? Maxado offers its end customers the option to personalise the product, meaning that suitcases can be ordered in all combinations of sizes, colours, clips, and case shell parts. Maxado also offers the option of having your own label (for example with a logo) on the suitcase. We were able to meet this challenge by adding In Mould Labelling to the injection moulding process. It means that a fully automated process places the label in the injection mould before the plastic is injected. This produces a high-quality appearance and professional finish.

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We have come to know Wicro as a company that loves the challenge and thinks in solutions with expertise, positive energy and good communication. We are proud to have Wicro not simply as a supplier, but to call it our partner.

Would you like to have this too?

We can understand that! This project is under the experienced leadership of our project manager Bo Verhaegh. As part of our efficient and engaged project management process, we work together to examine the needs of your brand, company or organisation. We’d love to see whether we could challenge each other.
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Bo Verheagh

Project Manager