Plastic product

Plastic products are extremely common and increasingly sustainable. Plastic is an ideal material for moulding, using injection moulding machines, into the exact shape needed for a product. For this reason plastic is a popular material for product development. Products often consist of various different components, and are made partly of plastic components and partly of components made of other materials, such as metal, wood or fabric. Obviously products can also be made entirely of plastic, whether all in one piece or with various plastic components. With injection moulding, it’s less complex than you might think to have a plastic product made.

Plastic components

It’s something all we see every single day. A lot of the products around us are made of plastic. Plastic components make a product easy to use and give it a lovely shape. There are various plastic components that make a particular product practical to use, for example a thermostat display, a waste bin lid, or pram wheels. These are just three of the countless examples of plastic components that form an important part of the overall product. Plastic’s biggest advantage is that it can be moulded into (almost) any shape you might want. Many types of plastic are easy to colour and plastic is light, strong and sustainable.

Plastic injection moulding

We’re all working to live more sustainably. Today many products are developed sustainably, and it’s essential that you, as a company, do business in a socially responsible manner. Plastic processing is becoming more and more sustainable too, producing as little waste as possible. This is done innovatively and with advanced injection moulding machines. It’s partly due to this that plastic injection moulding remains very popular. Plastic pellets are melted down and then injected into a mould under pressure. The moulding can be done with all sorts of plastic to create product components ranging from big to small. Each type of plastic has various advantages and disadvantages. The plastic moulding process is capable of producing extremely precise products. A solution for many businesses when developing a product!

Are you interested in making a plastic product? At Wicro Plastics, we have more than 70 years of experience in plastic injection moulding. In addition to our advanced injection moulding plant, we make moulds and have our own assembly line. As a one-stop shop, we give advice on efficiency and how to save on costs. Are you interested to find out more about how we can help create your product or component? Then don’t hesitate to contact us!

Did you knew?

Wicro Plastics al sinds 1951 actief is met spuitgieten van hoogwaardige kunststof producten.

We zowel spuitgiet- en assemblageactiviteiten in huis hebben.

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