Have a plastic product made

Do you want to have a plastic product made? You’ve come to the right place at Wicro Plastics! Having a plastic product made is easier than you might think. The entire process takes place in the Netherlands. Obviously there are a number of important steps to be taken before the products come rolling off the conveyor belt. With our engineers, we develop an injection mould for your product. The mould is essential and is the foundation of the production process. Together we select the desired material, and then the injection moulding can begin. After that the plastic products or components can be produced in a short period of time. You can also have your plastic product assembled by Wicro Plastics if required. As a one-stop shop, we give advice on efficiency and how to save on costs.

Custom-made plastics

There are all sorts of shapes and sizes of plastic used for different products and components. Perhaps you also find yourself wondering how something was made. Custom-made plastics are created by injection moulding machines. Working with an injection mould enables development of the most complex plastic products – and also the strongest. With today's highly advanced techniques, we can realise mass production in a short time using various production techniques. Custom-made plastics are suited to a wide range of products and components. You see them, or even use them, every day.

Have plastic components made

An end product is often made of other materials in addition to plastic, especially in the case of larger end products. Take cars and prams, for example. A car is largely made of metal, but it also has rubber for sealing, upholstery for the seats, and plastic parts to finish it off. Prams, on the other hand, are often largely made of plastic parts but are also finished with other materials. You encounter all of these moulded plastic parts every day in commonplace products. Having plastic components made can be interesting for almost any end product, which is why it’s so popular. It’s lightweight, stronger than you’d expect, and lasts for a long time.

Product development

Are you ready to have your plastic product made? At Wicro Plastics, we have more than 70 years of experience in plastic injection moulding. We realise product development from A to Z. We work with you to develop your product efficiently and give honest advice on cost savings. Would you like to know more? Then contact us for an obligation-free chat!

Did you knew?

Wicro Plastics al sinds 1951 actief is met spuitgieten van hoogwaardige kunststof producten.

We zowel spuitgiet- en assemblageactiviteiten in huis hebben.

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