KAOS x Wicro Plastics

First recycled high chair makes major impact on the industry

A new and groundbreaking collaboration with KAOS has produced the world’s first 100% recycled high chair. From an existing wooden design, we’ve created a new version that rewrites design and functionality standards. It has been an exciting time for our engineers and we’re proud to be part of a shift in the industry. Our targeted approach, but above all our shared vision and motivation, are creating an impact in the circular economy.

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'Gamechanger' for sustainability

The Klapp high chair from KAOS is more than just a high chair; it’s a huge a leap forward in sustainability. It’s 100% recycled, from the backrest and seat to the steps and legs. We use advanced gas-assisted injection moulding technology to ensure high-grade processing of the recycled materials. Not only does this reduce the carbon footprint, but it sets a new standard for sustainable production.

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Innovation in mould construction

Could it be more sustainable? Absolutely – because the moulds for the Klapp high chair from KAOS have been made in Europe. These types of moulds are often produced in China, but for this project we made a conscious choice to have the moulds constructed in Portugal. This reduces the transport-related environmental impact, and also underscores our efforts to achieve the highest possible quality and support local economies.

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Smooth and efficient project management

It takes time to develop a fully-recycled product, requiring a great deal of patience throughout the process from design through to launch. It’s only thanks to an efficient working process and our shared vision and motivation that we’ve been able to launch this ground-breaking product in collaboration with KAOS. With our smooth project management we keep each other on the ball and we don’t miss a single detail. All stages and steps throughout the process are closely monitored and concluded using the Stage-Gate model. This avoids risk, enabling KAOS to plan the launch with the greatest of care.

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Not only does Wicro represent excellent project management skills, but your expertise and determination make the difference. We’re delighted to be making history with you all and we can't wait for the next chapters.

Would you like to launch a recycled product too?

Go for it – we’ll help you through the process from A to Z! This project was completed under the experienced leadership of our project manager Marcel van Spijk. Marcel can guide you through an efficient project management process, helping you with every aspect of sustainable product development in plastic. Don't wait – let this be the start of a wonderful partnership!
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Marcel van Spijk

Project Manager